Choosing the right formula of Mascara may be enough of a hurdle in itself, but we have a few extra tips to help you guys get the most out of your favorite mascara!

Tip #1: Coat both sides of your lashes! I don’t mean just the top and bottom lashes, i mean the top and bottom of your UPPER lashes. A lot of times we apply a shimmery or light eyeshadow to our lids that ends up sitting on the tops of our lashes and then when we take photos, our eyelashes look almost invisible! To make lashes look extra black, first brush the tops of the lashes with your mascara and then coat the lashes as you normally would, pushing the lashes up for a wide eyed effect.

Tip #2: Don’t forget your bottom lashes! The scariest part about mascara is the infamous, clumpy spider lash situation. Avoid that, especially on your lower lashes by holding your brush vertically and swiping the mascara horizontally across the lashes. Or you can try our Exact Lash Mascara, which has a tiny little wand made specifically to get those bottom lashes, clump free! If all else fails, grab a Brow Comb & Brush and rid yourself of any clumps.

Tip #3: Prime those lashes! For those of you who want thicker, fuller lashes, Mascara Primer is the way to go. It applies white so you can make sure you can see every lash that is or isn’t coated, and is perfect for adding extra length and thickness to lashes. Apply your favorite mascara over it and you’ll see a noticeable difference!

What are YOUR coveted mascara tips?