Another season is upon us and that means new trends! NYC Fashion Week just wrapped and featured tons of new must-try looks for fall.


Bold, Black Eyeliner

Smoky, smudged, black rimmed, graphic – you name it, they wore it! First: Cleopatra-style black eyeliner is back! Forget about small, winged tips and go all out with dramatic, thick liner or smeared kohl. Mix matte and metallic tones to add even more drama.

Vamp Goth Lips

Models who walked for Dior, Louis Vuitton and Marc Jacobs rocked vamp goth dark lips against “no makeup makeup” faces. Colors ranged from softly stained merlot to deep blackberry.

If you’re looking to make a statement, then this is the look for you. To rock it for yourself, apply a dark stain and top with moisturizing clear lip balm or flaunt a matte lipstick.

Brushed Glitter

The models at NYFW 2016 made glitter go from fairy-like to straight up fierce.. Different designers had their models wear glitter under the eye, out to the temples, as eye shadow, and even coated on eyelids. If you want to add some glam on your night out, we recco  balancing intense undereye glitter with a soft nude lip.


Three-Step Illuminescent Glow

The legendary Pat McGrath went with a minimalistic illuminated look for the Stella McCartney models. She focused on illuminating key features for a fresh face with a dewy glow. For your version of a subtly enhanced and radiant face, apply a color correcting primer over moisturized skin, dab a highlighter onto your cheekbones, inner eye corners and cupid’s bow, and then softly blend. Voila.

Pop of Color

Fashion week surprised us with little pops of color that made a HUGE impact. This modern art look contrasts a hint of vivid pink, tangerine, turquoise or teal with a fresh face. If you like adding a unique twist to your make up, definitely don’t be afraid to experiment with electric or pastel colored lipstick or eyeliner.


Try one of these edgy looks and let us know what works the best for you by tagging us on Instagram. #playbeautifully this fall!