What holiday is the perfect opportunity to throw a festive fall outfit together and get all dressed up? Thanksgiving! Every style lover knows no outfit is complete without the right makeup. And with all the excitement and events surrounding the holiday season, you need to make sure your makeup lasts as long as you do!

Here are a few genius makeup tips to ensure your makeup lasts all Thanksgiving day (and maybe even into Black Friday if you’re hitting those early sales):


  1. Start Fresh

The key to making any look last all day is to start with a clean canvas. Use a gentle face wash and exfoliator to clean away dirt and dead cells. Then, polish up those pores to make sure your face is ready for a smoothing layer of primer and foundation.

Makeup Primer

  1. Reach for Primer

Primer is an absolute essential if you want to keep your makeup looking fresh all day since it creates a soft, even base for makeup. Heck, even the Mona Lisa was painted on a wooden panel after Leonardo da Vinci primed it first!

Oil Free Foundation

  1. Apply Oil Free Foundation

To avoid streaky, sweaty skin after cooking all day, reach for an oil-free foundation or concealer in the morning. This way, the sheer workout of hosting a Thanksgiving feast (or eating one) won’t make your skin explode into a sweaty, oily mess.

Makeup Setter

  1. Set Your Makeup

Makeup setters are miracle workers. Whether you’re worried about eyeshadow, blush, foundation, bronzer, or lipstick lasting, makeup setters will make sure any makeup stays on all day. Setters are available as sprays, serums, and powders so you can pick whatever you love most! They’re also super convenient and can be reapplied throughout the day as needed.

Matte Lipsticks

  1. Use Long-Wear Lipstick

While Thanksgiving is all about coming together and chowing down, your lipstick shouldn’t be part of the meal! Luckily, there are some great long-wear lipsticks out there that stay on without you having to reapply throughout the day. Another tip is to go with matte lipsticks simply because, by default, their consistency allows them to stay on longer (no matter how many times you lick delicious sauce and gravy off your lips!).

Waterproof Eye Makeup

  1. Choose Waterproof Eye Makeup

Bobbing around the kitchen all day definitely calls for eye makeup that won’t budge. This is why our last tip is to pick waterproof eye makeup that can stay put all day. Start with a good quality eye primer, followed by some long lasting eyeshadow, and then finish it off with a strong eyeliner and some volumizing waterproof mascara.

Beyond following all these clever makeup steps, the most important idea to keep in mind is to always use quality makeup!

At e.l.f. Cosmetics, we strive to deliver delightfully affordable makeup essentials without compromising on the quality. And for those of you wondering – we’re cruelty free, Ask PETA! Besides from testing on animals, our cosmetics do not contain any animal-derived ingredients. Our brush collection is entirely vegan, unlike most makeup brushes that use quirrel, goat, mink, or pony hair!

Try our products and these pro tips to enjoy a fresh look this holiday season. And don’t forget to share your look with us as you #playbeautifully. Happy Thanksgiving!