Source: Fashionista

Being a beauty brand at heart, one of the big things we’re most passionate about at e.l.f. is the inner beauty of every woman! We’ve launched a new social campaign this fall, spreading beautiful words of wisdom from some of history’s greatest people. But, we were really excited to find out about a brand new modeling agency called Jag, also launching this fall.

Created by two former Ford Models agents, Jag hopes to be the first big-name agency representing models of all shapes and sizes, not just your typical size 2. it’s a bold step considering that, despite the multiple conversations being had, there is still much to be done about the appearance and health of models in the industry and the impact they may be having on the health young women as well.

We think this is a great step, and we wish Jag much success! What do you think of a modeling agency like this, elfettes?