Everyone knows the secret to long-lasting makeup is all in the prep. If your skin is hydrated and primed, your makeup WILL stay looking fresh for longer, bible. Primer is basically spackle for your face- it smooths everything out, and acts as a grippy base for makeup to stick to. Pretty cool, right? 

e.l.f. offers a variety of different primers that suit different skin types and textures. You better believe e.l.f. has a primer that will work for you- and for no more than $10. Yep, that’s right, for the price of a burrito, you could buy months of fresher-looking, longer-lasting makeup. 

Classic smoothing primers:

This is the primer texture you’re used to, with a smoothing silicone base that foundation blends seamlessly on top of. It’s extremely photo-friendly, and is our best-selling formula for a reason! e.l.f. offers this texture with a variety of different added benefits. Poreless, Mineral Infused, Blemish Control, Illuminating, Tone Adjusting, Hydrating, Brightening, and Beautifully Bare Luminous. These primers use an airless pump that rises as you use the product, so you’re sure to get every last drop. Plus, the pump helps you control the amount dispensed, so no primer goes to waste. We got you. 

Stick primers:

These primers are portable, easy to apply and TSA friendly so they’re perfect for the girl or guy on the go! We designed 3 formulas to cater to every skin type and desired finish. The Prep & Hydrate Balm acts as a skincare/primer hybrid that hydrates the skin before makeup application. Prep & Blur Stick is a pore-smoothing, mattifying balm that keeps oils at bay all day long. Prep & Glimmer Stick is a hydrating formula infused with golden shimmer to illuminate the skin. 

Primer mist:

Our most innovative formula, designed to be sheer, lightweight, and absolutely effortless to apply. These spray primers are great for layering for extra priming benefits, and are perfect for those who don’t like to feel any layers of makeup on their skin. Our Aqua Beauty Primer Mist hydrates the skin and preps it for makeup. For oily skin, Oil Control Primer Mist smooths skin and bans shine, weightlessly. If you like a more illuminated glow, check out our Illuminating Primer Mist for radiant looking skin.

Still not sure which primer would be best for you? Check out our Primer Finder to be matched with your perfect prime.