Jennifer Hudson sure knows how to rock the all-matte-everything look! From her eyes, to her skin and all the way down to her lips, J.Hud keeps it classy and shimmer free. Here’s how to achieve her look!

Step 1: Apply our Matte Eyeshadows to the lids for smooth eyes. Contour the outer edges of the eyes for definition and finish off the eyes with Cream Eyeliner (Liquid Eyeliner might give you a shiny line) and some Mascara.

Step 2: Apply a Mineral Foundation or your favorite Liquid Foundation and finish it off with our High Definition Powder for a pore-less matte finish. Choose your bronzer and blush wisely! Go for matte formulas to keep with the theme of the look.

Step 3: Grab our Matte Lip Color in the shade ‘Rich Red’ and apply to the lips for the perfect bold lip!

Any shimmer lovers out there willing to try this look?