I ate dinner recently at a very trendy new restaurant in New York City with a couple of girlfriends. The bar was packed and we had a long wait for our table. My two friends are divorced and were looking around at the men. And I couldn’t help noticing the women. Tons of women wearing ponytails out for dinner! This was surprising. I wear my hair in a ponytail for exactly two occasions: to exercise and to go to sleep at night after I have blow dried my hair. I would never dream of wearing my hair pulled back to go out at night. But the women looked great and were sporting their ponytails in all different ways. The looks ranged from older women with shorter hair severely pulled back with only an elastic holding it together; to twenty-somethings with messy ponytails carelessly tied up with a clip; to the more carefully done looks with the ponytail holder fastened perfectly at the nape of the neck.

Most looked sexy and gorgeous and it made me want to try it for myself which I will once I get down a technique that looks ready for a night out instead of a morning at Spin class.
Have you worn your hair in a ponytail to go out at night? Is it because you didn’t have time to do your hair or because you love the look? Any tips on how to make one that looks fantastic?

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