False eyelashes are fun, fabulous, and totally easy to use. They make your lashes appear fuller and longer, and can give your eye makeup an extra oomph for special occasions or everyday use. Choosing the right false eyelashes can to emphasize your beautiful and unique eye shape is a total breeze once you know what to consider. Here are a few of our favorite falsies and how to wear them!

Long and dramatic falsies that are winged at the outer end are perfect for framing eyes. These lashes are a must for a glam affair! Try the Maximum Drama Luxe Lash Kit.

Almond Eyes

Almond shaped eyes have SO many options. Almost all lash styles flatter this shape! This is possibly the only style that best suits dramatic lashes because of the symmetrical curve of the eye.  Enhance your eye shape further with full, dramatic winged lashes or individual eyelash extensions applied at the furthest outer corner of your eyes. Try the Winged and Bold Luxe Lash Kit or the Individual False Eyelashes for this look.


If you have monolid features and are feeling adventurous, go for a fluttery, crisscrossed false eyelashes with layered lengths. Since monolid eyes usually have straight lashes, layered false lashes can add dimensions and depth, allowing for a fuller, more defined look. Try the Timeless Luxe Lash Kit for this look.


To complement hooded eyes, try falsies that are tapered at the edges and longer in the center. This gives the illusion of wider eyes and will allow your eyelashes to look more defined for any occasion! Try the Starstruck Luxe Lash Kit for this look.

Deep Set

Deep set eyes are bigger and can carry off a dramatic look really well, so don’t be shy and go all out with dramatic lashes that turn up and outward. These will complement the size of your eyes while still making your look stand out naturally. Want a fuller look that has major va va voom feels? Apply a volumizing mascara. Try the Dramatic Lash Kit!


Protruding eyes draw attention even without eyelash extensions! They are large and gorgeous and require very little “doing up.” For protruding eyes, aim for a lash strip with wispy, feathery, and defined hairs that gracefully frame the entire eye without taking away from their natural beauty. Try the Natural Lash Kit for this look.

How to Apply False Eyelashes

Here’s what you will need:

Once you’ve got your supplies, it’s time to apply!

  1. Clean your eyelids and lashes with wipes to remove any excess oils.
  2. Remove the lash strips or individual lashes from their box and place them over your lash line, leaving 1/4th of the inner eye corner bare. Your falsies should end right before your outer lash line does, so use the scissors to carefully trim off the excess from the outer edge of the lash strip. This will make applying them much easier and the end result more effective.
  3. Squeeze some lash glue onto the back of your hand and dip the eyeliner brush in it. Then, holding the falsies with the tweezer, brush the glue evenly over the lash band. This method prevents you from using too much lash glue.
  4. Wait 10 – 15 seconds for the lash glue to get a little tacky so that it doesn’t slip and slide over your lid.
  5. Position the mirror so you are looking down into your own reflection. Looking down instead of straight ahead allows you to see exactly where the lash band is being placed. It will also be easier if you steady your elbows on the table or dresser.
  6. Using the tweezers to help with adjustment, place the lash band against the upper lash line like in step 2. When it is positioned correctly, gently press the lash base in the middle for 10 seconds so that it holds.
  7. Once the middle is secured, press the outer edges of the false eyelashes to the lash line and make sure each edge holds.

You’ve just applied falsies like a pro! Now for the finishing touches.

  1. Use a dark eyeliner to go over the lash strip and fill in gaps. This covers the band and helps the falsies blend into your natural lashes.
  2. Use an eyelash curler to curl the natural and false lashes together and coat them gently with mascara.

How to Remove and Clean False Eyelashes

  1. Dab some oil free makeup remover onto a cotton pad and hold it over the eye for 10-15 seconds. This should loosen the glue without irritating the eye. You can also use oil free makeup remover wipes.
  2. The lash strips should slide off your eyelid without having to be pulled or tugged. Once they are off, wipe the eyelid to remove any remaining glue or eyeliner.
  3. Dip a mascara wand into regular rubbing alcohol and comb through the false eyelashes to remove mascara and dirt. Concentrate on the spine of the lash strip to ensure all the glue peels off.
  4. Replace the newly cleaned lashes back in their tray to maintain their shape. It’ll make them easier to use next time.

Experiment with as many different false eyelash styles as you want! Go ahead, try them and send us your pictures! #playbeautifully

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