Choosing the perfect blush for our complexions isn’t always the easiest task. Some say when it comes to being warm or cool toned, the choices of your blushes should change but I don’t agree. I think any tone can wear any shade of blush as long as it corresponds to their skin tone (fair, medium, or dark). Here you’ll find the complete guide to choosing the right shade of blush for you!

Fair Skin:

If your skin is in the fair range, go for light shades of blush. Anything too saturated in color may appear dirty or too dark when applied.

Pink Shade- Try our Baked Blush in ‘Passion Pink’ or our Cream Blush in ‘Flirt’!

Peachy Shade-  Try our Baked Blush in ‘Peachy Cheeky’ or our Studio Blush in ‘Candid Coral’!

Medium Skin:

If your skin is in the medium range, go for medium toned blushes. Nothing too light, and nothing too dark. I think medium shades have the ability to use a darker shade of blush but with a light hand. For instance, I use a bright hot pink blush (Our HD Blush in ‘Diva’), but I use just the tiniest amount and it gives me the perfect flushed look.

Pink Shade- Try our Essential Blush with Brush in ‘Blushing’ or our Studio Blush in ‘Mellow Mauve’!

Peachy Shade- Try our Studio HD Blush in ‘Superstar’ or our Studio Cream Blush in “Heartbreaker’!

Dark Skin:

If you have a dark complexion and find that blushes just don’t show up on you, go for a dark shade with good pigment! Light blushes may look too ashy while medium blushes barely show up. Go for some high pigment color. Plum shades also look beautiful on darker skins.

Pink Shade- Try our Cream Blush in ‘Seductress’ or our HD Blush in ‘Encore’!

Peachy Shade- Try our Mineral Blush in ‘Peachy’ or our Studio Blush in ‘Blushing Rose’!

Plum Shade- Try our HD Blush in ‘Showstopper’ and our Mineral Blush in ‘Plum’!


How do you choose your blush shade?

Patti, contributing elfette