If you’re anything like us, your December was a frantic blur of gift shopping, tinsel, twinkle lights, parties, eating, and red lipstick- all set to the soundtrack of all Baby It’s Cold Outside (because it is).

As you attend your last holiday parties, finalize your sparkly new year’s outfit, and reflect on the past month, you’ll probably realize you did A LOT. From holiday shopping to office parties, you’ve accomplished more than you may think.

We’ve put together a December Beauty Checklist so you can put that satisfying X next to all the things you’ve done this season.

___ Rocked cherry red lipstick

___ Successfully applied and wore winged liner

___ Shared a kiss-proof kiss under mistletoe- thanks Liquid Matte Lipstick!

___ Stepped out with glitter eyeshadow

___ Wore glitter eyeliner- inner corner glitter still counts

___ Tried out glamorous glitter lips

___ Found residual glitter everywhere for the following two weeks

___ Wore a fun hat (Santa hats, LED lit hats, e.l.f. beanies, all eligible)

___ Bought a sequin dress for NYE but wore it to a holiday party

___ Pulled off the ever-trendy holographic makeup look

___ Wore frosted makeup, you trendy thing, you (learn how here)

___ Drank a holiday beverage- could be from your local coffee shop, or bar, no judgement

___ Baked something yummy

___ Donated to charity or volunteered

___ Decorated your home with cheery holiday decor

___ Survived the mall madness and purchased gifts

___ Crafted something you saw on Pinterest

___ Mustered the strength to resist that Black Friday deal you were tempted by

___ Told the friends and family in your life you loved them

We had to end on a cheesy note. But seriously, if you haven’t already, tell everyone in your life how much you appreciate them. The best gift to give and receive is love, and the best beauty tip is to radiate true, authentic happiness!

Wishing you all a very happy holiday!