Your face is the most exercised part of your body – it has 44 muscles. It gets plenty of exercise every time your muscles contract and relax. Since these muscles are attached to the skin (as opposed to the bones or tendons like other muscles in your body) every time they move—when you speak, eat, laugh, cry or scream —your skin moves. When you contract those muscles, that repetitive motion can cause wrinkles to appear in the skin. At the risk of going up against tradition, in my humble opinion, exercising those muscles more is just going to accentuate your wrinkles. Over time, creases form where the skin was contracted. The more you make the same facial movements, the deeper your lines get. The most compelling argument is that if facial exercises work, Botox® would not. Botox® stops muscles from moving, which we know reduces lines, creases, and wrinkles – just look at my forehead for proof!

Wendy Lewis is President of Wendy Lewis & Co. Ltd, Global Aesthetics Consultancy established in 1997.  Wendy Lewis & Co Ltd is an international consultancy specializing in aesthetic medicine, cosmeceuticals, and skincare based in New York and London.  She is the Founder and Editor in Chief of BEAUTYINTHEBAG.COM, an international consumer beauty forum.  Lewis is on the advisory board to HBA Global Expo and is a columnist for Aesthetic Trends & Technologies, Plastic Surgery Practice,, Cosmetic Surgery & Aesthetics Magazine, and a contributor to Tatler,,, and She is the Editor at Large for New You and Editorial Director of GLOW. Wendy is the author of ten consumer books, including Plastic Makes Perfect, The Complete Cosmetic Beauty Guide (Orion).