MEOW Elfette! I see a ton of human-kitties running around on halloween and wish I could make them all look this fierce. It’s probably the easiest costume to throw together last minute for an office party or a night out. I’m definitely guilty of putting together the kitty costume on a few Halloween events! Let me tell you exactly how to get this look, using our Halloween Beauty Books! I used the “WICKED” book for this kitty.


Using the black eyeliner from the e.l.f. Wicked Beauty book, begin to draw over your lids and fill in a “cat eye” shape. Dramatic shapes and colors will enhance your halloween look! Then, pat the black eye shadow from the book onto your lid, to make sure creasing will be minimal and the color is very solid.


Using the liner pencil again, draw a black kitty nose! Follow the shape from the photo to get the most realistic but cute nose. The best part… draw in your wiskhers! You can sharpen the liner and draw several fine lines from the nose to your mid-cheek area. Different lengths look great!


The eye liner from the e.l.f. Wicked Beauty book is definitely key! Using it again, draw in your lips for a deep black effect, or just use the black gloss from the book for less drama. To acheive the reddish undertone as shown in the photo, use a bit of the red shadow along with the lip-gloss wand!

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