Hey Elfette! How much do you love this WICKED look? If there’s one look that everyone runs to for a last-minute Halloween party, it’s the “all black” outfit and this Wicked makeup is PERFECT for that! Grab this Beauty Book and check out my steps below to achieve this look:

STEP 1: Pick up the red shadow on an e.l.f. Studio Contour Brush , and apply all over the lid and crease. Don’t be afraid to take your shadow higher than normal on the eye.

STEP 2: Pack on the black shadow, using the e.l.f. Studio “C” Brush and blend until you achieve a smoky effect.

STEP 3: Get those long lashes on! Give yourself some dramatic, spider-like lashes and apply several coats of mascara.

Next, use your pencil liner to add even more drama to the lower lid and inner rim.

STEP 4: Contour time! This might sound spooky, but I used the black and brown shadows to create a very strong contour on the cheek. Apply the colors to the hollows of your cheek and then use the cream shadow to add highlight above. Have some fun with this step!

STEP 5: Eye liner has many uses during Halloween! Apply a thick layer to your lips to get the “black lipstick” effect.

STEP 6: Use the gloss in the book to apply to the center of the lips for shine.