Music festival season is here which means all of us makeup lovers can be as extra as we want with a valid excuse (not that you need one). Glitter, metallic, colorful eyes and lips? Yes please!

The most important thing about festival makeup is that it stays on. For makeup that lasts through desert heat, tears of happiness and dancing, start by priming your eyes, lips and face for makeup that grips the skin.

For base makeup that isn’t going anywhere, start with a thin layer of our innovative Lock On Hydrating Foundation Glue. This jelly, grippy primer needs to be pressed into the skin, so dot it all over the face, then pat it into the skin with fingetips until fully absorbed. For metallic eyes that won’t quit, prime the eyes with the Matte to Metal Primer Transformer, or wear alone for a shimmery metallic look. Don’t forget to prime your lips with Lock On Lip Primer for lips that last.

Once you’re primed and ready to go, apply your foundation and concealer as usual, and set with a long-wearing powder like the Beauty Shield Setting Powder. Mist your skin with Makeup Mist and Set to lock your base in place.

Now for the fun part… Color and glitter! It’s festival season so don’t be afraid to rock a look you normally wouldn’t. Some of our favorite festival products include Pop of Glitter Gel for long-wearing glitter, Chromatic Eyeshadow Palette for bright, colorful eyes, and the Prismatic Highlighting Duo for highlight that’s sure to turn some heads.

Whether you’re going to a music festival or not, embrace your creativity this spring and try something new! To see more, shop all Festival Favorites here!