Finding time to go to the gym can seem virtually impossible between going to work, running errands, cooking dinner, and the ten million other things we have to do every day. Having the ability to achieve beautifully toned legs and backside while grocery shopping sounds like a dream. Well wake up ladies! FitFlop is a sandal that you can wear around the house, shopping, running around doing errands, etc. It’s designed to be like walking barefoot but even more comfortable. Users have said that they can even help with back pains! But that’s not even close to being the best part about it. The FitFlop intensifies normal walking by adding resistance and requiring 15 % more energy than a normal shoe. With all these benefits, you are probably expecting something hideous. On the contrary my friends! They come in all different styles, but the look is clean and simple. Sounds pretty perfect right? Explore the sight for yourself here: FITFLOP. How do you fit exercise into your daily routine? Let’s hear it!