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Big news elfette! Ever have one of those mornings where you’re begging to go back to bed as soon as the alarm goes off? Of course you have! Since it’s only Tuesday, and I’m sure the week’s wearing on you, I rounded up my favorite tips to help your eyes look bigger and brighter, to help you look wide-awake and well-rested, even if you’re running on empty! Check them out:

1.) Line your inner rim of your lower lashline with a white pencil, like our Essential Eye Widener. The white will neutralize any redness, and amp up the whites of your eyes. No more tired, bloodshot eyes here!

2.) Use a yellow-based corrective concealer for dark undereye circles. I use the Studio HD Lifting Concealer in Brightening every morning. The yellow color neutralizes any blue/purple discoloration, so it instantly makes me look brighter! Plus, the formula is designed to fill in fine lines, so any heavy bags under those eyes are a thing of the past.

3.) When I’m in a hurry, one of my favorite tricks for bigger, brighter eyes is to add a dab of a bright, sparkly shadow to the inner corner of my eyes by the tear duct. I find that the easiest way to do this is use and eyeshadow pencil, like the Studio Eyeliner & Shadow Stick in Pearl/Glow or the Mineral Shadow Liner in Taupe.

4.) A little lash lift makes a BIG difference. Try curling your lashes up for extra volume, to give the appearance of a lifted eye. Use the Essential Eyelash Curler and hold for a few seconds. Then, apply a volumizing mascara to hold the curl in place all day! Try the Studio Volume Plumping Mascara, or the Essential Volumizing Mascara.

Which e.l.f. products help you look wide awake?