This week on the blog, we’re excited to feature Miles George, e.l.f.’s Associate Product Development Manager, Lead Artist, and in-house makeup guru. If he looks familiar, it’s probably because you’ve seen @elfcosmetics’ weekly Instagram story, Makeup With Miles, where he features new products, and creates mini tutorials.

We sat down to ask him a few questions we’ve all been dying to know.

You’re always so energized and ready-to-go. What is your morning routine?

I like to do a short workout at home before I hop in the shower- just some push-ups or something quick to wake up. Then, I make my morning smoothie of greens, protein powder, oats, chia seeds, and ice. My morning beauty essentials are: a vitamin C serum, light moisturizer and a good SPF (I never leave the house without it!).

What’s your secret to your famous glowing skin?

Exfoliation is key! I love our Gentle Peeling Exfoliant, because it buffs away dull skin without causing any irritation or micro-tearing. I always follow up cleansing or exfoliating with lots of light layers of hydration. I use a hydrating mist, followed by a hydrating serum, then I seal in all the moisture with a nourishing oil. The last step is a little highlighter on the high points of the face. I love our Highlighting Stick in Fresh Morning Dew because of its lightweight, glossy texture.

If you had to give one beauty tip, what would it be?

Curl your lashes! It takes 10 seconds, and instantly makes you look more awake. I do 2 crimps- one at the base of the lashes, and one half way.  This gives your lashes a natural curl, so they don’t have like a harsh L shape.

Who has influenced your passion for beauty most?

My sister. She’s the one who got me into beauty. Growing up, my parents always pushed me to find the artistic medium of my choice. I was always looking for an art form. I tried watercolor, oil paints, and when my sister was in cosmetology school, I played with her makeup. That’s how I found my true life’s passion, and I have so many memories of playing with makeup with my sister that I’ll never forget.

It’s hard to narrow it down, but what are your top 3 e.l.f. products?

Ultra Precise Brow Pencil, I use the color Taupe

Pro Eyelash Curler, I have one in my bag, my car, my desk drawer…

Lip Plumping Gloss, I love Pink Cosmo

Massaging Facial Cleanser, gives me a deep clean in just a few seconds

Beauty Shield Vitamin C Pollution Prevention Serum, so brightening and nourishing!

You heard it here! Exfoliate, hydrate, and curl your lashes. You can follow Miles @makeupwithmiles and be sure to catch his weekly Makeup With Miles stories every Wednesday @elfcosmetics.



About Miles: 

Miles has over 10 years of experience in the beauty and skincare industry. He is not only a Makeup Artist by training, but also has extensive experience developing and launching products for prestige beauty brands. Since joining e.l.f. in 2016, he has played an integral role in identifying emerging trends and leading the team to develop award winning products. During his short time at e.l.f., Miles has successfully launched over 300 products.

Miles enjoys leveraging his Makeup Artist background to educate and inspire consumers. He acts as an international brand ambassador to host multiple influencer events, including high profile events during New York Fashion Week. Additionally, through his weekly Instagram “show” focusing on relatable product education, he reaches 100k+ consumers with high engagement.