Wondering what the perfect outfit, makeup, or manicure is for Valentine’s Day? We got you covered. Keep it simple and polished and you’ll radiate beauty.

Hair: Don’t overdo it. Your not going to a wedding or prom so stay away from updos and extreme hairstyles as they can be extremely distracting. Go for polished waves or a sleek blowout and don’t forget to tame any fly-aways! For some low key, effortless hair styles try a Lauren Conrad-esqu side braid or pin back two pieces from the front. This will let all of your other features shine. Also keep some bobby pins in your purse for any hair emergencies. 

Makeup: Less is more! I can’t stress this enough. Every guys number one complaint is a girl wearing too much makeup. Enhance your natural features, conceal any imperfections and that’s it! Guys don’t want to sit there and figure out what you look like under 5 pounds of makeup. Conceal any blemishes and under eye circles to brighten up your face. If you choose to use a foundation, try a sheer/medium coverage foundation so that you don’t end up with a mask-like effect. Blush is KEY on Valentine’s Day so go for a red blush. Not pink, or peach, but red. Red pigments will mimic the color your cheeks turn when blushing or when exercising and that drives guys nuts! Highlighting is also important especially if your going to a dim-lit restaurant. Highlight the cheekbones, cupids bow, under the eyebrows, and inner corners of the eyes. Line eyes with a black or brown liner and coat lashes with volumizing black mascara (stay away from crazy colors as they may be distracting). One mistake women make is wearing red lipstick or lip gloss. To a guy, that translates as a sticky mess they don’t want to go near. Try tapping on red lipstick with a finger as a lip stain and if you plan on getting a kiss that night, stick to tinted or flavored lip balms 😉

Nails: A French manicure is a classic option when it comes to special occasions. Mix it up by using different colors; try a red nail with a glittery silver French or half moon. This will show your flirty, fun, creative side without being too loud. Stay away from anything obnoxious (ie: smiley face decals).

Outfit: This all depends on where your headed. If your going out to an upscale restaurant or a hotel bar try an outfit that’s chic, but fancy. A cocktail dress or black bandage skirt with a chiffon or silk top are perfect. Heels are great, but wedges are a more comfortable option. If you plan on spending the night in, I would recommend dark navy jeans and a flirty top (nothing too clubby) or a cute but casual dress. This may be a given, but lingerie is a MUST!

Have fun 😉

-Patti, Contributing Elfette