It’s that time of year again! You’re sure to be dashing through the snow here and there this season, with parties and dinners and presents abound! With carry-ons and cramped hotel or guests rooms, it can be tricky to pack all your favrorite beauty supplies. That’s why we put together this handy kit of Holiday Travel Must-Haves that are perfectly portable and great for getting gorgeous in an instant!

1.) Studio Lotion Wipes – Dry winter air can leave you feeling scaly all over. These convenient wipes make full-body hydration quick!

2.) Daily Moisture Stick – Sleek and portable, this innovative stick is great for a surge of moisture on-the-go. Just wipe it on directly.

3. Mineral Face Cleanser – This cleanser is a nourishing powder-to-lather formula, making it a must-have for travel—It’s safe to go in your carry-on!

4. Studio On-The-Go Mini Palette – When you’re pressed for travel space and can’t bring your whole makeup collection along, try this all-in-one palette for eyes, lips, and face. It’s smaller than your smartphone!

5. Studio Conditioning Lip Balm – Heal dry cracked lips instantly, while getting a luscious pop of color!

What are YOUR holiday travel must-haves?