I’m sure you can remember a time when you’ve had a less than ideal business partner or customer.

Spend a moment and get an image of that person in your head-that person who completely drains you; that person you have to “keep selling” to remain involved; that person you’re literally dragging and pulling along; and that person who leaves you feeling bad after every interaction.

I’ve been there many times and I tell you it’s awful – there’s nothing fun about it.
I finally realized that I do have a choice about who I work with.

Who’s that ideal person you want to grow a business with, support, and speak with multiple times a day? Think of the best qualities of your favorite partners and customers to create a muse for yourself. Carry that vision of your muse with you always and share it with others.

This clarity will make it easier to communicate to others about the type of person you’d like to meet. Ask them “who do you know who has A, B and C qualities?” I believe having this clarity will allow you to attract those business partners into your life that you want – leading you to achieve much greater success as you move forward in your business.

Remember…you’re the CEO of YOUR own life, so… take charge of who you allow into your life. Set strong boundaries and surround yourself with people you want to work with.


Kim DeYoung is the original Metromom—a motivated mom entrepreneur committed to her family, her career and achieving success on her own terms. Also known as the “Get It Done Girl”, Kim is the dynamic and creative force behind Metromom.com, the “get it done” resource for the busy mom entrepreneur, providing solutions on marketing, money,  mindset and motherhood.