Yum…I’ve had my fill from Thanksgiving, have you? Since I, like so many other elfettes, haven’t been doing much apart from eating leftovers and shopping, I’m definitely not looking my best. That’s why we pulled together this Post-Holiday Contouring How-To. It’s quick and easy for looking just a little more pulled together during this very hectic time of year! Check it out:

1. Draw an upside-down triangle using a shade of our Studio HD Lifting Concealer that’s a shade or two lighter than your natural skintone. Fill it in, then blend in with our Studio Small Stipple Brush, the perfect buffing brush!

2.Using a shade of our Studio Moisturizing Foundation Stick that’s one or two shades darker than your natural skintone, draw out the hollows of the cheek. Once again, blend it in with your Stipple Brush.

3. Using the same concealer you used to highlight, draw a thick line along the upper part of the jawbone, and blend.

4. Last but not lease, use the Foundation Stick to contour underneath the jawbone and blend. Beautiful!