Picture this- your brand new palette arrives and all of the pretty colors are staring back at you like ‘USE ME!”. Then we find that perfect shade and fall into the ‘It’s too bright, I could never pull it off’ trap and end up with something far from our original idea. Well I’m here to tell you guys that you CAN pull it off! Here are a few easy steps to help you pull off the bright eyeshadows you always loved but were too afraid to wear!

Step  1: Prime your eyes for stay-put makeup. Nobody likes a big bright blob of creasing, try our Eyelid Primer in ‘Sheer’.

Step 2: Grab the eyeshadow of your choice and an Eyeshadow C Brush. Pick up the color and PAT it onto the eyelid, but do not hit your crease. The reason for patting the eyeshadow instead of swiping is so that you can avoid fallout. 

Step 3: Taking a clean Angled Contour Brush, blend the edges of the eyeshadow. Don’t add anymore color to your brush, just blend whatever is already there for a smooth finish. Afterwards, look straight ahead into the mirror- if the color is just behind the lashes, then you’re good to go. If the color reaches above the tops of your eyelashes, you’ve gone too far. Nothing a Q-tip cant fix. If you have trouble blending your color, take a pressed powder in your skin tone and try blending that along the edges for a smooth finish. Run that same bright shade along the lower lash line for a completed look.

Step 4: Line the inner and outer rims of the eyes with simple black eyeliner, curl lashes, and apply a few coats of mascara for the perfect balance.

Step 5: Keep the cheeks and lips simple by sticking to complementary neutral shades so you don’t look overdone or clownish! (For example, if you are using blue eyeshadow, stick to peach everywhere else.)

Will YOU try this method?