Today standing in the check out line I realized, ” I am SO SICK of hearing about Jon and Kate plus 8″…..errrrr, I mean minus one???  Every magazine I saw as I stood there had a new headline.

Kate “I’m afraid for my kids”

“Jon used drugs while watching his kids”

“Jail for Jon” Spying and Stealing

“The Kids in Tears” as you see a picture of Kate shaking one.

    Those are all headlines from just this weeks magazines.  REALLY…..who cares?  Okay, to be honest I was not a fan before this whole divorce thing.  I don’t care what they do with their lives, as long as they figure it out quick.  I mean who is really suffering here??  I will give you EIGHT guesses!

Laurie Cooper is the editor of Guessing All the Way…Tales from a Clueless Mom.   She is a stay at home mom (SAHM) of 2 adorable kiddos and lives in Colorado.