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We’re serious this time, spring is definitely here. The sun is out in NYC, the flowers and trees are blooming, and we are just relishing in it after this horrible, horrible winter. A winter so horrible in fact, that bright, neon anything is so, so appealing. Case in point, Kaley Cuoco’s vivid fuchsia lip here, a color you know we were crazy about last month. The color is stunning, paired with a muted, natural look elsewhere on the face. To me, it screams springtime blossoms.

I have to say, I’m surprised to see such a bright spring color with a matte finish. This is usually about the time of year we start to see juicy, glossy lips as opposed to the dark, mattes of winter. Is Kaley worried winter might sneak back up on us? Does she want too embrace bright, without being too bright? Either way, we love it Kaley!

What bright, neon colors will you be wearing this spring?