Winter skin can be tricky! Our faces frequently get dry and dull during the colder months, and it can be hard to maintain that glow that was so natural in the summer. Luckily, we’ve pulled together this handy guide, with our five favorite products to pull a gorgeous, natural-looking glow into this chilly season!

1.) HD Lifting Concealer – While the Brightening shade does an amazing job at hiding dark circles, it also lifts undereye bags, giving the whole face a brighter look!

2.) Mineral Infused Facial Primer – This time of year, even the perfect foundation can make you look dull. Try Radiant Glow beforehand to brighten up instantly!

3.) Mineral Bronzer – Think you can’t wear bronzer in the winter? Think again! Try a lighter, matte shade (We love Baked Peach!) to glow on in the dead of winter.

4.) Baked Highlighters – For a super-quick way to illuminate, just sweep across your cheekbones!

5.) Essential Shimmering Facial Whip – This super-versatile product works on eyes, lips, and face as an all-purpose highlighter.