Dear Lip Plumping Gloss,

As I sit here, writing you this letter, I am overcome with awe. How can one small tube affect me so? I remember the first day we met. You were so cute in your little black box, beckoning me from the aisle. I was drawn in by your sparkles and charming name- Champagne Glam. I love Champagne. You just- get me.

And then there was the first time I felt you on my lips. The slight tingly sensation, the pleasant aroma, the smart bend of your doe foot applicator that makes application a breeze. And my lips! After a minute or so, they look plump, luscious and kissable. You make me feel beautiful, and I love that about you.

Immediately, I told all my friends and family about you. When you find something so wonderful, a lip soulmate if you will, you want the whole world to know. You know I’d never call you cheap, but at $5? I quickly collected more and more of you so we would never be apart. Mocha Twist is my perfect MLBB shade, and what more could I ask for?

Oh Lip Plumping gloss, my life has changed for the better since I met you.

Forever yours,