Hey elfette! Here’s your dose of makeup in a minute! If you’re in a hurry, this look is great for day or night and we’ve got very fun products to show you for this. I’m all about simplifying my routine and using makeup that lasts all day long, so I’m sure you’ll love trying out this look!

STEP 1: Get that dry, flaky stuff off of your lips with the amazing, e.l.f. Studio Lip Exfoliator. On wet lips, gently rub the tip to buff away dead skin and then use a wet tissue to remove. easy as that for fresh lips!

STEP 2: Add some moisture to those freshly scrubbed lips with the e.l.f. Studio Lip Balm with SPF, in “Pink.” This color is super cute and just enough color. It’s a small tube that can fit into your pocket too!

STEP 3: My favorite step of all! Use the Complexion brush to pick up some shimmer from the e.l.f. Studio Shimmer Sheets, and then apply gently to the high points of your face. These pocket-sized sheets are packed full of shine and can be applied anywhere on the body!

STEP 4: If you’re obsessed with clutch bags, you’re going to love our Makeup Clutch! Try the blush and bronzers from this to add color to your cheeks.

STEP 5: Using the amazing “C” brush, apply a single shade of silver or grey to your lids. Really any color from this palette will look gorgeous as a single shade!

STEP 6: Finish off your eyes with a coat of mascara. I’ve used the e.l.f. Studio Eye Enhancing Mascara shown above and I love it because it comes in a few different, subtle shades of black.

Now get your face on in a minute and tell me what you used!