OK, let’s be honest.  Most urban men (not just the metrosexuals anymore), are actually buying make up for personal use.  To put this theory to the test, I did some research.  In ethnographic research public reports (which is just a fancy name for studying an individual’s behavior at home), over 50% of men have used or tried a make up product of their partner’s.  The primary product used (or tested) was concealer.  For all those late night outings with the boys, but wanting to look well rested and awake at work, it was a must have.  I totally get it, as I’m blessed with red carpet and TV opportunities (and it’s a necessity), but I wanted to conduct one further layer of research…..go to a few local drug stores and ask the cashiers if men are actually buying beauty products for themselves.  To my surprise, it was an overwhelming YES.  So I asked, what products do you see typically being purchased?  The consistent answers: concealer, black eyeliner, acne tinted cream (or a concealing product), clear mascara gel, tinted moisturizer with SPF and a regular or electric tweezers.

So let’s dive into why these were the most purchased items.  I asked a couple of “straight acting” men why and how they would use these products (and here are some of their true responses):


  1. Concealer Why:  “Makes me look awake and I can hide that I’ve been up all night having too much fun”.  How: “I use it like a football player would put on under eye sun block – swipe and rub in.”
  2. Black Eyeliner Why: “All the ladies love that rocker, bad boy look”.  How: “Before I go out, I draw a ring around my eye and squint hard, or jump in the shower and let whatever comes off naturally.”
  3. Acne Tinted Cream Why: “You can’t walk around with a big red bump on your face.  You have to cover it”  How: “Dab on your finger and rub on the spot until it minimizes the redness or gross look.”
  4. Clear Mascara Gel Why:  “To separate my mono-brow.”  How:  “Brush your eyebrow hairs away form the center of your nose…duhhh”.
  5. Tinted Moisturizer with SPF Why:  “To look healthy”.  How: “I use it like a regular SPF, just enough to cover my face and neck.”  I would suggest you cover your ears and the back or your neck too 🙂
  6. Regular Tweezers: Why:  “Every guy has the FLY HAIR on their face, back or chest.  You just got to pluck it.”  How:  “Come on.  Do you seriously need to know how to use a tweezers, electric or otherwise?”

We all know that most men have a lip balm in their pocket, car, home, office or gym bag.  It’s just a necessity.  What woman wants to kiss a guy that has flaky, dry, chapped lips!  There are enough challenges that we (men) bring to the table, so in my opinion, the above products and steps are really simple ways to spiff yourself up and possibly even get a date!

-Scott-Vincent Borba

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