You may have seen Michael O’Connor on the Red Carpet, on one of the many entertainment TV show’s or on QVC discussing the fashion trends of the hottest celebrities or even purchased one of his jewelry designs.  Well, I was able to chat with him about his time at the Golden globes and hear his fashion feedback and forecasts. Here’s a brief of our chat.

1.  Can you tell me a little on your background?   I started out as a Jewelry designer.  I designed some of the trends that are still poplar today.   From top designer brands to price pointed merchandise manufacturers you name it and I have probably worked with them.  So I started getting asked to help style celebrities from an accessory standpoint.  I always say, you start with the base-the dress, hairstyle, and everything begins to work together.

2.  What are some of the celebrities you have helped with jewelry and accessories for red carpet events?   Amy Adams, Brandon Ralph, Debra Messing, Nicolette Sheridan, Felicity Hoffman, the list goes on.

3. Do you have a favorite celebrity and why?   I don’t actually. One of the great things is each celebrity need is different, everyone is really nice.  Only because I have worked with her a lot if I had to choose I would say Nicolette Sheridan, she cares about the way she looks and makes the effort for her style.

4. Any crazy experience’s on the red carpet?  Yes, with Maggie Grace for the TV show Lost.  I worked with a company to lend her a pair of platinum hair combs 2 years ago.  Her comb flew into the crowd when she turned to talk to press, luckily we saw it and everything was fine.  

5. Have you always wanted to work in fashion?  I ended up in jewelry by accident actually.  I originally wanted to be an actor but my father said I had to wait till I finished my first year of college.  In the mean time I was looking for a job to earn money and started working in retail.  I found myself starting to observe the jewelry styles and began sketching in my free time new elements to enhance them.  I really enjoyed the drawing portion, and thinking of something fresh and creative.  Its art, you start from nothing and you create what should be.  When I went back for my 2nd year I took a jewelry design class at FIT.  And the rest is history.

6. Tell me a little about your experience at the Golden Globes.  It’s viewed more as a party.  It was at the Beverly Hilton, there was several other parties there in the hotel that night for the Golden Globe attendees.  There was a chocolate room that had chocolate on the walls you could eat, very random but delicious and fun.
There really isn’t much to tell.  Everyone is fairly tame. There were a few celebs at the bar, like Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt who seemed to be enjoying a night off from the kids though.

7. Who was your favorite and worst dressed?  No dead swan outfits like Bjork wore once lol. There were really great gowns, the one that stuck out the most that I didn’t love was Renee Zellweger’s, I didn’t love the sheer top, and the sleeves were weird.  I think who looked phenomenal and elegant was Anne Hathaway, she wore and Armani Prive dress that was a beautiful deep sapphire blue.  It was just elegant; she partnered it with sleek hair, nice red lipstick, red nails, a simple pair of vintage Van Clef & Arpels earrings and a cocktail ring.  Drew Barrymore channeled Marilyn Monroe-I thought it worked for her, the hair was a little messy though, I wish it was a little more tamed.  Maggie Gyllenhaal had a strange choice for the golden globes, it was a print you rarely see, but I think it worked for her, it was a little daring.

8. What trends did you see?  I saw a lot of blues and classic elegant styles.  I think you will see a little more formal styles for the Academy Awards, more classic colors, no light blue.  For hair and makeup, expect to see very natural looks.  A lot of color in jewelry will help to accessories basic color dresses.  Especially with white or black, colored jewelry will help it pop.  

9. What is your fashion forecast for 2009?  What I’m seeing in accessories is to mix and match things.  Classic items always stand the test of time so keep it simple.  Long platinum and diamond station necklaces like Susan Serandon wore to the Golden Globes are great because they have a lot of versatility.  Pins are always good because they are so versatile you can wear them everywhere from your hair to your shoes.  When you are thinking of how to build a wardrobe and you want to make it stretch, I suggest buying classic pieces.  I always say it’s the price per wear for pricy classic items. If you buy high quality pieces you are making an investment in beauty and durability and getting pieces that will be with you for life.

10. What are some of your plans this year?  I will be going to the Academy Awards and the Emmy’s.  I’ll probably also do a few TV segments and styling jobs as well.

11. What word of advice do you have for someone who wants to break into the business? Persevere and be nice.  People can be discouraging, but persevere you never who will end up doing what, so be nice to most people.


And there you have it, a sneak peek into the Hollywood fashion world!  What were some of your favorite looks on the red capret?