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How does Michelle Williams (Jen Lindley, as we will always remember from Dawson’s Creek, which may have made some people in the e.l.f. office a little too sad now that it’s off Netflix…) always manage to look so pretty?! She appeared at a recent gala in an all-around classic look that we give a perfect ten! Black dress? Flawless. Red lip? Beautifully lined and the crimson shade works like a charm! Eyeliner? Lovely…wait, what color is that?!

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Your eyes don’t deceive you if you’re looking closely, elfettes. That’s apricot-colored eyeliner that Michelle’s got on! It’s an unusual choice, here at e.l.f. we’re partial to brown liner for a natural look, or white eyeliner to make the eyes look brighter. But, apricot eyeliner actually does double-duty! It still gives the eyes that defined look, while also working to brighten and widen the eye! It’s a sneaky way to look made-up without looking, well, made-up!

Would you give apricot eyeliner a try?