SPF is basically the fountain of youth. Just ask Baz Luhrmann or your mom- they’ll tell you it’s one of the most important steps in your daily regimen.

Sunscreen is tricky because even though we all know we should be wearing it, it’s hands down the least fun part of any morning routine. Most sunscreens are heavy, sticky, oily, and leave a weird film feeling on the face- or worse, a white cast. No one wants to look greasy and pale, am I right?

That’s why we designed 3 MAJOR SPF heros that you’ll love, even if you usually don’t like the feel of sunscreen!

Beauty Shield SPF 50 Skin Shielding Primer

Prime and apply sunscreen in one seamless step with this awesome, antioxidant-packed primer! The lightweight yet smoothing texture smoothes lines and pores for a perfectly prepped base for makeup. If you wear makeup, this is the easiest way to incorporate SPF into your routine without adding an extra step!

Beauty Shield SPF 50 Skin Shielding Moisturizer

This SPF 50 moisturizing cream is no joke! Super smooth, lightweight, and non-greasy, the whipped cream texture glides over the skin for super protection. Plus, it’s infused with Carrot Seed Oil, Sunflower Seed Oil, and Vitamin C for extra nourishment all day.

Stay Out & Play SPF 50

Don’t let the sun dampen your fun! This is our most lightweight SPF, with a thin, liquidy texture that dries down with no funky residue. This stuff is great for outdoor activities since the active formula is designed to be sweat resistant, and won’t clog your pores. What’s not to love?

All of these e.l.f. SPFs are formulated with Broad Spectrum UVA/UVB SPF 50 to protect your skin from harmful rays. So don’t let a little sun slow you down, just throw on a little sunscreen!