The NY Giants won the Super Bowl this year and what better way to show your boyfriend your support than with an awesome manicure!

1. Start out by filing nails to the shape you desire and clean up the cuticle area.

2. Using our Nourishing Cuticle Pen moisturizes the cuticles, avoiding the nails.

3. Apply a clear base coat to protect nails from harsh chemicals found in nail polish.

4. Apply two coats of our Nail Polish in ‘Pearl’ to the whole nail. This will be the first French tip. The reason for coating the whole nail is because if you apply the white over navy, it wont be white enough. Let nails dry.

5. Next, taking ‘Light Red’ and an old eyeliner brush (preferably one that you wont use again for eyeliner) draw a thin red line above the white line. This will shape the white tip and create your second French tip. 

6. Carefully paint  the remaining space of your nail (which should be white) with ‘Dark Navy’ Polish. Apply one coat for a transparent, lighter blue or apply two coats for a darker blue.

7. Add a clear top coat to seal in your manicure, or go matte for a fun effect!

-Patti, contributing elfette