Any makeup enthusiast knows a quality set of makeup brushes is the key to creating a flawless, professional look and we couldn’t agree more! Unfortunately, most high quality brushes come with an equally high price tag. But at e.l.f. Cosmetics, we don’t think you should have to pay a small fortune to get a quality set of brushes that will last. Take a look at a few of our luxurious and affordable makeup tools that will help you #playbeautifully!


Blending/Defining Brush – We’ve all tried (and often failed!) to make do smudging eyeshadow into a perfect blend using our fingers. But, if you’re working with more than one to two colors, you definitely need an eye brush that blends and defines. This brush is perfect for creating a smokey eye thanks to its soft, bendable fibers cut with an angled edge. The angled edge even allows you to easily create that seamless blend of colors in the crease of your eyes.



Straight-Edged Eyeliner Brush –There are so many options for applying eye liner, but picking the right brush doesn’t have to be overwhelming. To stream on a precise line of liquid, gel, or powder products, all you need is our eyeliner brush with dense bristles and a crisp edge. We even provide flat-tipped and angled brush options, depending on what’s more comfortable for you.




Lip Brush – Shaping the perfect pout takes time, practice, and control. Instead of smearing lipstick, tints, or stains directly onto your lips and hoping for the best, use a brush to control the amount of pigment you apply. This kind of brush needs to be fine tipped and absorbent with bendable, yet firm hairs. Luckily, our lip brush totally fits the bill. Any color will glide on smoothly, allowing you to fill in any fine lines and those tricky areas. Trust us, it will make your life way easier and your lips simply irresistible!





Kabuki Brush – You know you’ve found the right face brush when product application feels nothing short of effortless. Our Kabuki brush is just what you need for applying setting powder, bronzer, blush, and even foundation. This large, fluffy brush head absorbs products and disperses them lightly and evenly, giving you an airbrushed finished. Just a few strokes and you’re done!




Foundation Brush – Forget foam wedges. Our synthetic foundation brush will give you a more natural finish, while helping you create less waste. This great foundation brush is flat and contoured at the tip with firm bristles, and will disperse foundation evenly for a streak-free application.




Concealer Brush – Need to cover up a few blemishes, spots, or targeted areas? Use our quality concealer brush! Its ultra-stiff bristles help you apply makeup precisely, so you can achieve coverage exactly where you need it.




Angled Blush/ Bronzer Brush – Contouring doesn’t have to be tricky as long as you have the right brush. And once you get our angled face brush in your hands, you’ll be able to easily apply a smooth stroke of blush, foundation, or bronzer right where you need it. The density of this brush ensures that it will keep its shape and blend products evenly.




Stipple Brush – Want a brush that does it all? Our stipple brush is one of the most multipurpose makeup tools available. Use it with any type of product to add coverage in layers. The thicker, bottom hairs absorb the product while the softer hairs on top disperse product lightly. You’ll end up with a sheer, airbrushed-like finish. #Perfection



You don’t have to break the bank to get great makeup brushes. At e.l.f. we have plenty of options for you choose the perfect brushes for your needs. We’ve even just launched a new 19 Piece Brush Set with every brush you could want!

Want more info? Check out our website’s product pages for explanations about each makeup product. To learn more about how to use the product, we have a section labeled “how to use” below each “details” description section. So now that you know what to look for, get those budget brushes for yourself or as holiday gifts!