The absolute worst feeling in the world is coming off a plane, unloading your luggage in your room, only to find your foundation exploded all over and your eyeshadows and powders are crushed!! Now we know TSA is anything but gentle when it comes to throwing our luggage around,but we have a few tips to keep your makeup from ending up in the trash:

Tip #1: If you’re traveling with a compact powder, take the powder puff that is stored on the bottom and place it just on top of your powder and close. The puff will absorb any shock from having your bags dropped or knocked around, saving your precious compact! This tip works for eyeshadow palettes too- use cotton balls, paper towels, anything soft that you don’t mind dirtying to protect your eyeshadows. Use scotch tape to keep compacts and palettes closed for extra protection.

Tip #2: Get organized! Try and compartmentalize as much as you can to avoid having too many bags and too much clutter. Try and find multi use products- like a bag that with hold your brushes and your makeup (Check our our Studio Stipple Brush Set). If you don’t have a double duty bag, try sandwich bags- keep your lip products in one, your eyeliners in another etc. Pack it all up in a Dump Bag so it’s all in one place and organized. If you find you have extra space in the bag, throw some socks in there to add more cushion for protection.

Tip #3: Exploding foundations and moisturizers are the WORST to clean up. Grab an old contact lens case and fill one side with moisturizer (or primer) and one side with your liquid foundation. Not only will this not explode all over your clothes, but it packs the perfect amount and you can even take it on the plane with you!

Tell us YOUR makeup packing tips!