You may have heard of the fashion maven Rachel Zalis or seen her on her latest project the Fashion in Film documentary that was on Starz or on one of her many appearances on “The View”, “E News”, “The Today Show”, “Extra”, “The Tyra Banks Show”…I mean the list could go on because this chica has got it going on!!  Well, I just so happen to have the lucky privilege of chatting with this fashionista and here is a recap of our convo. 


1.      Have you always wanted to be in Fashion?

I never really thought about fashion when I was younger because I grew up in a political family.  It wasn’t until my Junior Year at Columbia University when I was studying political science and wanted to work off campus to gain experience.  I went into the career services department and saw an internship at Cosmopolitan. I landed the internship and by the time I graduated I was hooked on the fashion world and entertainment. 


2.  So tell me a little about the Starz Fashion in Film documentary you did.

The Starz Fashion in Film documentary is about amazing costumes in films, from characters in the classic little black dress like Breakfast at Tiffany’s to outfits seen in movies like Clueless and how these amazing trends have translated from celebrities and film to the public.  Film is a powerful medium in turning celebrities into fashion icons.  Fashion has evolved and can directly be linked to mass trends derived from popular movies.

That is what this 1 hour documentary entails, it has a lot of great interviews and film clips translating the art of fashion and the influence it has.  .


3.What’s a beauty item you can’t live without?

Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer, Kiehls lip balm and Nars Orgasm Blush


4.   What’s in your purse?

Trident cinnamon gum, Jimmy Choo Sunglasses, a Marc Jacob heart mirror compact, Louis Vuitton organizer, my favorite Hilton Hotel pens, Nars and Mac lip glosses.


5.    Favorite Designer and why?

Mark Jacobs because his looks are always young and fresh and Oscar de la Renta his style is classic and you just can’t go wrong.


6.  What influences your style?

There are so many things that influence me from films to celebrities. I like a style that is effortlessly mixed and matched so it becomes your own reflection of personality.  I try not to become obsessed with following trends but wearing what flatters me.


7.  If you had one word of wisdom to young girls what would it be?

Start early, read every magazine and get an internship. The more experience you have before you graduate the more you set yourself apart. 

Do whatever you have to do to get an in.