I’m not one of those avid runners who love miles at end jogs.  So I set out to challenge myself and make a goal, a goal to run the More/Fitness Half Marathon on April 3rd in NYC.  Yes, that’s 13.1 miles running, and for someone like myself who had never ran more than 4 miles in my life maybe 3 times this was going to be ruff.  Surprisingly though, and I say this with all honesty it really hasn’t been that bad.  I’m in week 7 of training and just ran 11 miles on Saturday, a personal record first!  For me, I’ve been on a training schedule that works best for me and I run at a pace I’m comfortable at, it’s not a race for me but rather a victory run for myself that I complete without stopping!  My 10 minute miles is a comfortable pace that fuels me with the endurance to finish without killing myself.  I’ve also learned a few tricks, I love the Nike+ ipod, for $30 it updates you while you run in a cool app style function.  I also had a gait analysis and got proper foot gear so I run more aligned, definitely a must!  So ladies, what’s your personal bucket list goal this year?

Achelle is the Creative Director, Brand Ambassador and official Makeup Artist for e.l.f. cosmetics}