First off, starting now, don’t miss the nightly washing of your face. Not having a regimen will bite you in the butt later with blackheads, dry skin and blemishes. Being the fabulous Recessionista that you are, you can buy inexpensive but great quality cosmetics, or put together a few ingredients from your kitchen and make your own recipe for cleansing and makeup. Homemade sugar scrubs work well to exfoliate dead skin cells. Mix equal amounts of sugar and some type of glycerin vegetable oil like almond or avocado oil. Add in a few drops of essential oils like lavender or citrus and a little aloe vera gel.  Massage the mixture into your face and leave on 3-4 minutes before rinsing off. Make small amounts because there are no preservatives in this recipe and store any leftover scrub in the fridge for a few days. Speaking of scrubs, I just read a recipe for a cat litter body scrub.  We’ll leave that to another blog. Or out completely.

For puffy eyes, relax for a few minutes with cucumber or potato slices to draw out fluid. Lighten up under your eyes with foundation applied in thin layers. If you need more concealer coverage, using a small synthetic brush, add a drop of liquid foundation to a drop of translucent powder and tap on to blemishes.

After foundation or (instead of), brush on mineral powder to help you stay fresh all day. I love E.L.F. Liquid Eyeshadow applied on the lids and smudged on as eyeliner. Add some water-resistant mascara and a longwearing lipstick or gloss and you are set to look great and never fade during the day to evening festivities.

What did our great, great, great, great grandmas do to stay fresh and pretty? Probably powdered with Talc and stained their lips and cheeks by rubbing on warmed cranberries. What’s your favorite cosmetic either homemade or not, to take us into the holiday season looking good and feeling fresh all day?

Helping women feel good about themselves is a creative force that runs through makeup artist Davida Simon, creator of  Simon has worked in film, television, and photography for over 20 years with such notables as Susan Lucci, Demi Moore and Brad Pitt, as well as CEOs’ and government officials … even our President. Besides working as a makeup artist on television and commercial shoots, Davida’s busy life includes testing and reviewing cosmetics, beauty expert on ABC, CBS and Fox affiliates, educator and freelance beauty writer.  A special passion is helping women and teens undergoing chemotherapy, through American Cancer Society’s Look Good Feel Better program.

Davida was one of the makeup artists to the hit show Extreme Makeover and consultant to several of Denver’s News Channels. Davida created “The Makeup Room”, an educational studio and website for women seeking makeover consultations and helping budding makeup artists realize their professional goals. Davida is passionate about whatever she does. “The Makeup Room website gives me the opportunity to provide information to busy young women that gives them more insight on developing their image.”