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We were very shocked and sad to read a recent article claiming that the end of lip gloss had come. Could it really be that one of our favorite lip products has overstayed its welcome in the beauty world? Thankfully, we’re happy to report that this definitely isn’t the case.

Overwhelmingly, it seems like women just aren’t willing to give up their lip gloss in favor of matte lip balms and lipsticks just yet. Many report that they prefer the sheer gloss of color for everyday, as opposed to the commitment of a lipstick. We’ve all had a busy day made even busier by constantly needing to touch-up a smudged, faded lipstick after coffee, brunch, and lunch! With a gloss, you simply swipe and go, much more convenient for the girl on the go. Even celebrities aren’t willing to give up the gloss: Just last week, it-model Barbara Palvin showed off her favorite lip gloss at an event in South Korea. Long live lip gloss!

Are you a fan of lip gloss? What are your favorite e.l.f. lip products?