Living in New York, I’ve been forced to acclimate myself to frigid winter weather, which isn’t easy for a native southerner like me. I find it so difficult to leave the apartment when it’s unbearably cold outside! When you’re dating someone that could definitely be a #dealbreaker! Noone wants to sit in the house with you and watch another Sex and the City marathon on E! In order to snap out of the winter self-inflicted hybernation, I’ve put together a list of dates that will surely transport you to a winter wonderland!

1. Skiing, snowboarding, snow-tubing –

This is an obvious choice! My boyfriend who is a skiing savant is actually making it his winter mission to teach me how to ski. While this can be difficlt no matter either experience level, it will be a great bonding experience!! Definitely a way to show your fun, fearless and free side to your guy!

2. Hockey Games –

By far one of the most entertaining sporting events that you can attend, hockey, is a winter sport that packs in a big punch! LITERALLY! Between the fights and the passionate fans, who actually are known to get in scuffles themselves, you won’t be bored for one second! Here in NYC, we have the Rangers and the Islanders, but there are tons of NHL and minor league teams all over the country. Where I’m from in North Carolina we have two teams the NHL Carolina Hurricanes and the Charlotte Checkers! Be sure to google the closest hockey team to you! You boyfriend will be pleasantly surprised with this date idea! Sidenote: Be sure to dress warm because it gets chilly in their arenas!

3. Wine Bar –

Wine bars are dark and perfect for romance! This winter definitely put on some cute leggining, a chunky sweather and some cute booties and cozy up next to your date with a glass of red wine. Spice things up by asking the sommelier of a complex red with spicy notes to be sure that you stay warm! My favorite is a good Cabernet! This look that LC (I know, so Laguna to call her that) is wearing is perfect!

4. Holiday Lights Tour –

Usually in every community there’s a neighborhood that is known for their over-the-top lights during the holiday season! I’m sure you can find some Griswold’s around your neck of the woods somewhere!

What are your holidate ideas, elfettes?!



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