WAIT!!   Hold on a moment while I compose myself.  Has anyone seen the tissues?  I think I am tearing up.  What you are looking at is a picture of an actual bathtub….a beautiful high heel bathtub.  SWOON.  The tubs are designed in Italy by Sicis.

I love a bath and I love a high heel. My 3 inch heels pale in comparison to the 5 foot platform heel on these tubs.  Just think these tubs won’t make your feet hurt or give you corns and varicose veins.  Mama want.  Calgon can take you away in this tub for roughly $25,000.

Just imagine,  I can look JUST like the woman in the photo above, relaxed and looking out over the Mediterranean Sea at her THREE boys playing calmly below in the sand.  Three boys who would never dream of disturbing her in her high heel bathtub heaven to tell her both the new puppy and the baby just pooped on the couch, or that they are starving even though they just ate the equivalent of a Honda Accord ten minutes earlier, or that they think something, or rather, someone smells dead in the reclusive and mysterious neighbor’s backyard.   No, in my high heel bathtub heaven everyone (including me) is calm, quiet, clean, and covered in porcelain and rhinestones.
There was an old lady who lived in a shoe…definitely if her shoe looked like this bathub!


Meggan Ravazzolo of www.meggansamom.com  is an over educated, under medicated Mom and Stepmom in Northern California.  Meggan is a graduate of the UCLA school of   Theater/Film/and Television as well as a former comedian, actress, model, and television reporter with a flat stomach, perky breasts and good memory.  All that is gone now.  After a career in the spotlight Meggan traded in her microphone, size 6 body, personal pride and ego for a life as a stay at home Mom and Stepmom.    www.meggansamom.com “finding the funny and fabulous in family.”