Source: Revival Vintage

The “mod” look was popularized in the UK, on fashion models like Penelope Tree, Jean Shrimpton, and–arguably the famous of all–Twiggy, pictured above. Big, big eyes, impossibly long lashes, and sky-high cheekbones, the 1960s were all about exaggerated features. What was the secret to getting this wide-eyed gamine look?


This how-to appeared in a vintage fashion magazine, which is all you need for a groovy look. A strongly-defined eye, including eyeliner in the crease, and eyelashes so fluffy, they’re drawn on!

Source: Trend Magazine

This photo of Carey Mulligan is from 2013, would you believe it? Seems like playing up the eyes is certainly one trend that transcends time. We think this look is perfectly flirty for a daring night out!

Would you try this retro look?