What is a monochromatic look anyway?


Monochromatic Makeup

/mänōkrəˈmadik/ /ˈmākˌəp/


A makeup look in which one’s eyes, lips, and cheeks feature the same shade.

“Yassss, that mauve monochromatic look you just posted on Insta is hot fire!”

Origin: The Kardashians, probably.


If you’re itching to try this look out, good news: it’s super easy. Oh, and you only need one $4 product to do it.

Introducing, our Monochromatic Multi Stick, adorable cream-to-powder mini sticks in four essential shades.

To get the look, all you need is one of these sticks, and your fingertips. Simply apply to your eyelids, cheeks, and lips, then pat in with your ring finger (the finger with the gentlest touch) to blend.

For extra long wear, prep your skin with a primer like our Mineral Infused Face Primer, and the eyelids with Shadow Lock Eyelid Primer.

We can’t wait for you to try these guys out. Let us know what you think!