Recently we caught up with Jami Neville, founder of the amazing beauty blog, and asked her what she is thankful for.  Below are her responses:

•My sister, family, and close friends have helped me come through a difficult year   even stronger, and happier, that I’ve ever been before.


•My dog Woo who makes me laugh daily and never shares my secrets.

•Bionic Beauty’s readers and my blogging buddies. They are the reason I stay up until 2am writing articles, and love every minute of it. Whether I am down, suffering from writer’s block, want to share something totally geeky, or just need to borrow an ear- someone always has a kind word or helpful advice.

•Discovering journaling – My numerous Moleskine’s help me organize thoughts, sort through emotions, record memories, and accomplish my goals.

•My blog – I’m grateful I had the courage to start writing and the fortitude to stick with it. Every comment, question (or even our off-topic discussions!) I get makes me realize what a wonderful community Bionic Beauty has brought together.

What are you thankful for?




Jami Neville is 33 years old and a blogger and freelance graphics/web designer. She founded the  Bionic Beauty blog in July 2007; in 2009 she launched a pet blog just for fun; and plans to expand the Bionic-empire in 2010.   In her free time, Jami enjoys caring for her many pets, growing orchids, “geeking out” on the computer, sailing and spending time outdoors.