Winter is great for a lot of beautiful things: Crisp fresh snow, holiday memories…but dry, dull skin? Not so much. Luckily for you, we’ve pulled together our favorite beautifying tips to keep you glowing long after the holidays have ended! 

1.) Exfoliating Cleansing Cloths – These portable cloths are perfect do double-duty: Not only do they remove every last trace of makeup, but the gently exfoliate for soft, clean skin!
2.) Hydrating Face Primer – Try this innovative primer to lock on makeup and lock in moisture on a harsh winter day.
3.) Tinted Moisturizer – If your heavy foundation is doing a number on your skin, try this hydrating, breathable moisturizer for sheer, even coverage. Plus, it has SPF 20—Still a must, even in the winter!
4.) Lip Exfoliator – Battling dry, cracked lips every winter? Try our Lip Exfoliator to reveal your softest lips ever!
5.) Soothing Lip Balm – Once you’ve exfoliated your lips, keep them feeling healthy with this balm. Plus, it smells scrumptious!

What are your favorite tips for keeping your skin looking stunning during the chilly months?

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