1. Translucent Powders: I can’t count the amount of times I’ve seen this happen to celebs on the red carpet. Yes, translucent powder works on everyone but you need to blend it out! Sometimes just brushing it off isn’t enough to hide it when the flash goes off. Another point to make is, if you have very dark skin, a translucent powder with an peach or orange tint would be better suiting as it will not leave a grey cast. If you find that the translucent powder is still giving you flashback in photos, try a powdered foundation instead.

2. An Oompa Loompa Fake Tan: Trying to achieve a natural glow to the skin is as easy as going to the pharmacy and buying some gradual tanning lotion. Unfortunately it’s easy to go overboard, especially if we try to do this without our friends help. Try a professional spray tan salon that uses more brown/red pigments in their dye than orange. This way you’ll have a natural looking tan applied by a professional! Hair color is also an important factor for achieving a natural fake tan. In Christina’s case, her hair is bleach blonde and her skin is ORANGE. If her air was red, her skin would fade into her hair and that would look really weird.

3. Going Overboard: In general, my makeup motto is “Enhance your natural features while letting them shine through”. I’m also all for experimenting and having fun with makeup, but sometimes too much is TOO MUCH. For example, Leighton went for a smoky eye and a matte red lip. I give her credit for embracing her inner glamazon, but it’s a little overwhelming. Maybe go for a smoky eye and a nude lip, or a neutral eye and a red lip- something more balanced.

4. Nude Lips: Nude lips are sexy and sultry when done right. But when done wrong, we risk looking dead or worse, CRAZY!  In this case, Jennifer was a little darker than usual, and her usual nude lipstick wasn’t cutting it for her. The perfect nude lip will match your skin tone. If you’re really dedicated, keep a backup lipstick- have one shade for the winter months and one for the summer months when your most tan.

5. Overdrawn Brows: Having sparse brows could be a nightmare. But overdrawn brows are even scarier. If you know you have a heavy hand, or fear overdrawn brows, try using a powder instead. Sometimes pencils and gels let us get carried away but the softness of the powder will apply lightly and smoothly and can be blended out with a brush if overdone. 

What are your worst beauty blunders?

-Patti, contributing elfette