Every girl is better looking when she doesn’t feel fat. That said, my 2010 diet of choice is the green tea diet I read about in Woman’s World Magazine. The gal in the photo lost 7 pounds and 12 inches in a week without giving up her favorite foods.  The new diet requires the equivalent of 9 cups of green tea a day and a stack of ‘Depends’ if you’re on the road.  Some combo of green tea and a green tea supplement seems more prudent.

I’m to aim for a 900 mg daily dose of ‘catechins’ the active ingredient. According to the article, one cup of green tea = 100mg of ‘catechins’ thus 9 cups = 900-mg. Hmm. I sped over to my local GNC.

At GNC I analyzed the green tea pills, the green tea extract in the dropper and Jackie Chan’s XTRAGREEN beverage mix with 8X more anti-oxidants than regular green tea. Three ‘Jackie Chan’s’ a day = 900 polyphenols and 300 mg EGCG. Sold!

Two ‘Jackie Chan’s’ in – I decided to soft scrub my kitchen counter.
Two hours later I won the Soft Scrub Kitchen Counter Olympics. I also did two bathrooms, six loads of laundry, and took silver polish to the tarnished champagne bucket given in tribute to my late Father 27 years ago. Whew!

Holy Green Tea! No wonder Jackie Chan’s unstoppable in those action movies. Mind you- I wasn’t feeling hyper at all – just extra energetic and sparked by the impressive evidence that green tea suppresses hunger, boosts metabolism,increases fat burning ,helps block fat storage and lowers levels of stress hormones linked to belly fat. I just wasn’t sure if three ‘Jackie Chan’s were enough if it’s all about the ‘catechins”? I emailed the Jackie Chan people and they wrote back asap that one cup of XtraGreen tea has as much vitamin as 8-16 teabags…however, it is just one serving of tea per tube in every other way, which still confuses me about whether I’m getting enough of those ‘catechins’.  For now, my routine is 3 Jackie Chan’s and 3 cups of green tea using two tea bags each time. I ’m so busy trying to keep track of my tea totals I don’t really have time to eat. Aha!  Now I understand how this works.

Hormonally Yours,

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