Alien? Unicorn? Mermaid? Some psychedelic combination of all three? We don’t even ask anymore, just pass the holographic highlighter. For the past few months, we’ve all been covered head-to-toe in otherworldly, holographic, prismatic, duo-chrome makeup.

If you’re reading this thinking, ‘sure, that’s a great look for all those cool teens™ but I don’t think I can pull off violet on my face,’ good news, you’d be wrong.

Prismatic makeup is as easy to wear as highlighter (remember when we were intimidated by that?) and surprisingly flattering. Violet catches the light and casts a moonlit glow over the skin. It’s unexpected and captivating, garnering looks and compliments everywhere you go. Plus, you only need one $4 product to get the look!

For this shoot, our makeup artist used the Prismatic Highlighting Stick on the model’s cheekbones and all over the eyelids to create a monochromatic, cool-toned look. Blink on some mascara, throw on your favorite lip balm, and you’ve got a causal holographic makeup look perfect for daily wear.

If you can’t get enough of that iridescent glow, amp up the chromatic effect by dusting the high points of your face with our Prismatic Highlighting Duo. We’ve included two complementary shades to layer for a multidimensional glow. The results are mesmerizing.

Have you tried the holo look yet? Tell us in the comments below!

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